Volunteer Policy

Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in volunteering for The Old Stone! Please take a moment to become familiar with our Mission and Expectations below so that we can continue to provide the best quality of service and entertainment to the Central Oregon area. Click Here for a downloadable version of our Volunteer Policy.

Our Mission:

  • To provide Central Oregon with a friendly and inviting event venue that hosts top-quality events, performances, and conventions.

Expectations of Volunteers:

  1. Represent The Old Stone’s integrity and quality in all duties and interactions with guests and renters.
  2. Provide valid contact information (Name, Phone Number, and Email Address) in order to stay notified of volunteer positions needed for events.
  3. Indicate if you’ll need special accommodations when volunteering.
  4. Declare which Volunteer Teams you are interested in.
  5. Utilize our page at SignUp.com in order to sign-up for roles at events.
  6. Respect when others sign-up for a position you may have wanted.
  7. Show up to your role on time, ready to go, and in a sound state of mind.
  8. Perform your role to the best of your abilities, remaining at duty until it is fulfilled or dismissed early by supervisor.
  9. Treat staff, guests, and other volunteers with respect and kindness, free from any form of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse.
  10. On first event volunteering with The Old Stone, you’ll be required to sign The Old Stone’s Volunteer Liability and Release Form.

OLCC Regulations:

The Old Stone is certified with the OLCC.  All volunteers must obey OLCC Rules and Regulations.  Any volunteer found to be breaking OLCC regulations will be asked to conform or be removed.

If You Experience Abuse:

We take pride in being an open and accepting team at The Old Stone and we do not tolerate the mistreatment of others.  If you feel the need to report any problems connected to interactions with staff, other volunteers, or even guests, contact Peter (peter@oldstonebend.com), Mardy (mardy@oldstonebend.com), or Destry (destry@oldstonebend.com).


Minors ages 14-17 may volunteer, but must be accompanied by an adult, and only for shows indicated as being for “ALL AGES.”  Minors will not be allowed to volunteer for “18+” or “21+” events, and will not be allowed to volunteer in positions barred to minors as per OLCC regulations.

Benefits of being a Volunteer for The Old Stone:

  • Old Stone Swag!
  • Free entry into the events you work
  • Event-volunteer experience and networking