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Classy. Flexible. Intimate.

Venue Information:


  • 180 seated ; 200 w/standing room
  • 250 standing/dancing only
  • 110 people for buffet-style dining
  • 80 people for plated dining

-Room capacity will vary with additional vendors and specifications.
-Green room amenities are available

Venue Specs:

Main Hall: 40 feet x 42 feet ; 1600 sq ft white-oak dance floor
Stage: 17 feet x 42 feet (18 inches above floor)
Projector Screen: 7 feet x 13 feet

Highly customizable space allowing for anything from small-scale private events to large concerts and performances.

Additional Amenities (pricing available):

  • Yamaha Baby Grand Piano
  • Sound/Mic Equipment
  • Panasonic FW300 WXGA projector
  • Technical Support

Weddings, Receptions, and Bridal Parties

Looking for the perfect venue to host your reception? Or maybe you’re searching for somewhere with class to hold the big day itself?  The Old Stone has been a lasting symbol for tying-the-knot in Bend for over a hundred years.  Whether you’re looking to add a bit of tradition to your service, or maybe an air of regal intimacy, The Old Stone has the perfect atmosphere and customizability to make your special day doubly so.

Private Parties & Rentals

We aren’t kidding when we say The Old Stone is flexible enough for any private event.  In fact, it has all the makings of a fantastic rental venue, including an open floor space, high-quality acoustics, and adjustable A/V system all wrapped together in a classy aesthetic. The Old Stone can easily host birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, anniversaries, quinceañeras, cocktail cabarets, theme parties, and more.  Our stage is perfect for hosting an entertainment event, and our white-oak floor is designed to host the wildest of dance parties and events.

Business Meetings, Conferences, Expos, and Trainings

The Old Stone provides a unique environment well suited for business meetings and other professional gatherings.  Seating and table arrangements can be adjusted to fit your needs, and the availability of our sound system and audio-visual equipment will make sure your meeting has all it needs for success.  Additionally, The Old Stone’s close proximity to Bend’s historic downtown offers easy access to lodging, restaurants and other amenities.


We take pride in being a priority venue for honoring the dearly departed.  Funeral services, Celebrations of Life, and other Memorial services are all welcome within our doors.  The Old Stone embodies the spirit of honoring our loved ones who have passed away.

Music Concerts

It’d be a shame to let these acoustics go to waste!  The Old Stone hosts bands and solo artists from all across the nation, including Grammy-Award winners and local, hometown favorites.  The Old Stone’s sound room is one of the best in Central Oregon, and the beauty and historic ambiance of the 1913 sanctuary provides a unique setting for almost any genre of music.  Dance concerts benefit from our 1600-square-foot oak dance floor that is second-to-none. As with all events, the Altar Cafe provides alcohol and other beverage services, meaning you’ll get to taste local Bend craft brews while jamming to your favorite artists.


The Old Stone lends itself to being a comfortable venue for film events.  With comfortable, flexible seating arrangements and audio-visual equipment, including a projector, screen, and sound system, The Old Stone is able to accommodate the film needs of business meetings, private parties, and other events.  We’re also a proud hosting partner of the Bend Film Festival in the fall.

Community Events

The Old Stone has hosted many community events through the years – public presentations, expos, fundraisers, festival activities, celebrations, private parties, fashion shows, holiday fairs, beer and wine tasting, and more. We are happy to provide a 20% discount to non-profit organizations*. What’s your event? Give us a call!

*Does not apply to all quoted rates.
**Call for more information on ADA Accessibility