Volunteer Program

Which Team is right for you?

Some Teams require time, physical strength, and being outdoors, while others need retail skills, money management skills, and interpersonal interaction.  Browse through our guide to see which Team is right for you! Click Here to view a downloadable version of our Team Roles.


Street Team:

Your number-one goal is getting the word out about our events!  This includes both physical and digital promotion.  Duties include distribution of gig posters to east, west, south and north Bend and outlying towns (Sisters/Redmond) if possible.  This team also likes, shares, and reposts events on social media and around the web.  If we need a hype-crew for festivals and events in town, you’ll be our go-to squad.  This role benefits from folks with pep, enthusiasm, and a hint of creativity.  

Role Needs:

  • Tape, stapler, thumbtacks
  • Method of transportation
  • Internet accessibility and basic social-media know-how
  • Friendly communication and interpersonal skills
  • Creative thinking a plus
  • Physical demand: Low to Moderate

Chair Team:

The muscle!  You’re the ones who help set up and break down events, including chairs, tables, and other event pieces before and after an event. There will also be occasional chair maintenance, like making sure there are pads on the bottoms of the chairs so they slide on the floor. Some events will require clearing the main hall by moving chairs in and out of the storage U-Haul when more space is needed for things like dancing.  If you’re the kind of person who likes to help and is physically active, this position is for you!

Role Needs:

  • Comfortable with physical activity
  • Able to lift and move chairs and tables
  • Familiarity with using a moving-dolly a plus
  • Physical demand: Moderate to High

Merch Team:

You’ll be handling the retail sales of The Old Stone merch in addition to swag and cds sold by bands and performers. Volunteers will need to be comfortable handling cash and using a Square card-reader for credit and debit purchases.  You’ll also need to be comfortable interacting with customers, and also able to organize and display merch by sizes and styles.

Role Needs:

  • Comfortable handling cash, using Square card-reader
  • Friendly interaction with guests
  • Organization according to sizes, styles, and types
  • Able to lift boxes of merchandise
  • Physical demand: Low to Moderate

Parking Team:

Organizational masters!  You’ll be the ones who initiate and direct parking in The Old Stone parking lot. Once it is full, you’ll then direct patrons to alternative parking in the area. This role would end when the show starts (we wouldn’t keep you outside all night!).

Role Needs:

  • Comfortable working outdoors and in various weather conditions
  • Comfortable directing vehicles and patrons
  • Ability to organize and direct a must
  • Knowledgeable about parking in the downtown Bend area
  • Physical demand: Moderate

Ticket Team:

The welcome wagon!  You’re the first friendly smile guests see at our shows.  Your focus will be managing ticket sales and keeping track of will-call attendees. Volunteers must have cash handling skills and be comfortable with using a Square card-reader for credit and debit purchases.  Having a valid OLCC card to be able to check IDs for 21+ events is a big plus.

Role Needs:

  • Comfortable handling cash, using Square card-reader
  • Friendly interaction with guests
  • Comfortable keeping count of guests and ticket sales
  • OLCC Card a plus for checking IDs for alcohol sales
  • Comfortable turning away guests from Sold-Out shows
  • Physical demand: Low


So, how about it?  Which teams caught your eye?  We’re excited you want to join our team!  We can’t wait to have you on board.  You can sign up for one or more teams by filling out the Volunteer Sign-Up Form on our website.